Who we are.........

How would you like to belong to a riding club with:

  NO DUES or Membership costs!


The Southern Cruisers Riding Club is exactly that. We are a RIDING Club that likes to Ride and Eat.

There are NO mandatory meetings, NO mandatory rides, you participate as much as you can, no questions asked.

There is no pressure to ride, although you will be invited often, even in some wet and cold weather.

People riding with us are just plain folks who enjoy their motorcycles and enjoy talking about them while eating.

We ride all makes and models of bikes. All that we ask of our members is a love of motorcycling and the willingness to abide by a few simple rules designed to keep our activities safe and within the bounds of the law, and to keep in touch with the chapter officers.

Lack of participation though will cause you to be removed from the chapter.

Some say we are an eating club with a riding disorder, which means most rides will end up somewhere to eat... like a hole in the wall BBQ place. It isn't about the ride but the adventure you take with us as you never know where you will end up on a ride. Ok so you will eventually end up back at home.